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Da:  Giorgio Volpe
A: 10.10.2006 14:23
Argomento: Problema quota ISPConfig. risposta finale di Falko

Risposta di Falko al poroblema della quota ...
Quando uscirŕ la prossima release? Ogni quanto escono circa??


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Originally Posted by giorgio.volpe
We could resolve the problem modifing this file and refusing mails when user space is used, for example, at 95%? So new mail will no more block courier ...
I've just changed the way ISPConfig configures quota. Up to now, the quota soft limit and hard limit were identical, but in the next release ISPconfig will make the hard limit = soft limit + 1 MB, so there's a little bit space left to send the user a notification that he needs to free up space, etc.


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